40 what a week?


image My friend Kelly taught me, “you just have to run for that peanut butter mousse pie!” I haven’t had that in a while…but she is right. This is Kkmovo in the photo with me. Kelly started getting hardcore into running last year. I called her my protege. I am proud of her…she started running about two years ago and she did great in this race. Kelly wasnt happy about the hills and there might have been a few not so nice words she wanted to say to me, but she didnt stop. She ran the Syracuse mountain goat last year and is still alive today. I am proud of her. She is a mother of two boys. Maybe one will be Lilly’s boyfriend. Who knows? I am excited to hear about her new treadmill and am hoping to nag her into a nice run with me for old time sake because we don’t teach at the same schools anymore.
Kelly is my inspiration for running tonight. Part of loving myself has been to get back into running and I call cold weather a nightmare for a long distance runner. Do I face the cold and risk losing a toe? Do I not run? It is much worse you see. I think most long distance runners fear the “dreadmill.”

This is my dreadmill…yup that is right there is a toddler reading on it. This is about all I like to use my dreadmill for. Lilly used to have me “run” while holding her when she was younger. (Shakes head) That was fun! I think I accomplished weight lifting at the same time. Getting back to the dreadmill. When you have small children the dreadmill is sanity. I used the jogger but try taking a child out in the heat and having them barf all over. It isn’t fun. Then there is the opposite. For example, it was -26 here in good old Syracuse yesterday. I am sure I would be the next mother of the year. Therefore, it is either dreadmill or running back and forth. Ill take the dreadmill unfortunately.
So getting back into running for me entails many challenges. I work with kids all day. I am in a school with snack and birthday parties all around. I need to resist the urge to eat!!!! As I previously stated, my pants have become a little snug. I was at 113 by the end of the summer and the cookies attacked me at Christmas. I was up to 123. I know what you are thinking. “Shut up!” Did you know Shalane Flanagan is 5 feet 5 inches tall, 32 years old, and only weighs 106 pounds? Why do I care? She has a bronze medal from the Olympics to show for it. Kara Goucher is 123 pounds but she is almost 6 feet tall. They are amazing athletes and Kara is a mother.
I have to cut down on the naughty temptations and face the dreadmill to get back into shape. The hard part is when I do. It is not easy losing weight and being skinny like everyone thinks. If being skinny is what everyone desires to be, then why am I trying to fall in love with myself? When you are skinny it gets tiring. Everyone says how lucky you are. Then you hear about how you need to eat more or how you are anorexic looking. That is part of the reason I fell into this predicament. I love running. I made myself cut down to gain a little weight because I was tired of what people were saying.
The truth is part about falling in love with yourself means listening to your body. I need to do that. Today I ate grilled chicken and sweet potatoes for lunch. It was the best meal I have made all year. The even better part was that it was really healthy and I stayed out of the snacks…until the end of the day. There was a birthday party. I had a piece of cookie cake…
So my new goal is to run 40 miles a week. I used to run 60 or more. However, you are never supposed to increase your running by more than 10% in a week. That would be naughty. I am sure I will bump it up to 50 soon.
This week I was plagued with a virus or the flu. I don’t know what it was but Lilly and I had it for about two days. I made myself walk a little but that was bad. So it is Wednesday and I am up to 9.8. I am surprised that is it because I ran 6.2 doing pyramids yesterday and biked five. I have a long way to go before Monday. I guess it is a good thing I have off on Saturday and Sunday. I might be dragging that last mile.
If I make it to 40 miles, maybe I can talk Kelly into some of that peanut butter mousse pie I haven’t had in ages. Rule number one, why run if you can’t indulge once in a while?
Thank you Kelly Moser Vogler


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