Roll Over Miles?



What is my motivation?   Cookies…a lot of cookies!  Well that isn’t really my motivation for running 40 miles…but it sure did help!

ImageThank you to my dear friend, Julie Besanson.  No sooner than finishing my final 40th mile, there was a knock on my door.  Julie came over tonight to make dinner, watch a show and bake cookies.  I felt bad that I didn’t help much but between Friday and today, I cranked out 30.5 miles…I am exhausted.  I did it though.  Despite the flu and work load this week, I made myself accomplish my goal.



Chocolate Chip Oatmeal Cookies…..jealous?


Now that I have accomplished my goal, I know I can do this.  I was considering the possibility of roll over miles.  I only ran 40 this week but what happens if I run 45 next week?  Doesn’t it seem fair that I only have to run 35 the following week?  Absolutely not!  If i let myself slack then I will never keep my goals.  If I run more than 40 it just shows that I am committed.

So here is my proof of 40 miles:


These 40 miles were brought to you by extremely hilly courses, dead animals, deer everywhere, a rooster, trucks honking, bright lights in my face at night, iPod music and weather that was indecisive!


This is not my fastest half marathon by any means, but strava has challenges every month so I completed the 10k challenge on Friday and my half marathon challenge on Saturday.  There are no rewards given out, but it feels great to “join” a challenge and actually complete it.  



Today was my day to do 10.5 miles and it felt less than amazing with a sore back and hurting feet, but I stopped to finally catch a picture of my little deer buddies.  Yesterday there were about twenty of them (no joke).  They were so rude.  I was just running along and they all cut me off.  How rude!  So here is a glimpse of them.  They were less than thrilled about their flash photography moment.  


Favorite song: ways to go by group love

“I’ve got a little bit longer….I’ve got a ways to go ohhh…” I certainly had a long ways to go!

Here is a breakdown of my week:

Monday- 1.5 (flu) 26 minutes

Tuesday- 6.2 pyramids  time: 52 minutes (-26 outside). 5 miles biking 14:34

Wednesday-2.1 (I had lilly) 20.57

Thursday- 0

saturday- 13.4 (9:32 pace)

sunday- hills 6.5 (8.50 pace)

sunday – cool down (4 miles) 9:21 pace

Friday- hills 6.4 pace(8:27)





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