Race Schedule Confusion- It Is Bound To Happen


“I have never been lost, but I will admit to being confused for several weeks.” – Daniel Boone.

ImageSt. Michael’s, Maryland

Image Sorry Britain, but you cannot have this town. 


My next adventure will take me to St. Michael’s Maryland.  I wish it were here this weekend because the weather here sucks.  I confess it feels weird to actually  be home this weekend.  I do not know what fun I will have and I hope I relax a little.

I looked up the history of the town because I know nothing about most of the places I go.

St. Michaels is the center of a unique and magical waterworld on Maryland’s fabled Eastern Shore, about halfway between the Susquehanna source and the Atlantic mouth of the Chesapeake Bay. This diminutive well-preserved vintage port, whose origins date from the birth of the colonies, is nestled between the loping Miles River on the north and the vast vistas of Michener’s Broad Creek to the south. Its influence radiates beyond Tilghman Island, Easton and Oxford to Washington, Baltimore, Wilmington and other points on the compass where our seafood trucks deliver the Chesapeake’s bounty on a daily basis and the word spreads about this magnificent region. 

The town is a collage of handsome churches, manicured colonial, federal and Victorian homes, historic heritage, diverse artistic talents and pleasant southern culture. It is also the proud cradle and repository of the Chesapeake’s maritime history. 

It is a peaceful place which wakes each morning to glorious views and closes each night in candlelit elegance. It’s a town in constant contrast, from horse-and-buggy, steamboats, watermen’s deadrises, century-old log canoes and ancient bugeyes to ATM’s, the Internet, luxury Town Cars and fancy cabin cruisers…sounds nice!

At 7:40 on Saturday, May 17, I will be running the St, Michael’s Distance Half marathon.  I think this will be a beautiful course!

ImageSet a new PR or qualify for New York and other marathons on St. Michaels FLAT and FAST CERTIFIED half marathon course. You have to experience for yourself the flattest certified half marathon in the mid-Atlantic region. With an elevation that averages between 8 and 10 feet (with its’ highest peak at 16 feet) and only a few turns to negotiate, you are certain to enjoy the scenic views and serene setting while cruising along our course.

It even says it is fast!!!!!!!!!!!  I have missed flat courses, though I confess I am a hill lover!


So what is next in all of this confusion…I completely forgot, May 18, 2014 I will be running the Marine Corps Historic Half Marathon in Fredricksburg, Virginia!!!!!!!!!

Anyhow….I will continue this thought later but I am soooo confused as to what is where when…I have race confusion!!!!






A Tale of Two Races


Run Mommy Run

“When you have any measure of doubt you have already failed before you have started.” -me

ImageToday was supposed to be my big transition to duathlon races solo.  I have done relays but I want to do solo events.  Today was the Rochester Duathlon and I not only overslept, but I just had doubt.  The idea of being tired and driving two hours and having a 20 mile bike ride with traffic not closed!!!! I was scared.  I do not shift well and my bike sucks!  I feel slow and I need to get better and know my bike before I get all duathlon crazy.  Truth? I would like to do a half ironman but I need to conquer the bike and the scary swim.  My friend Kim is going to throw me into the water this summer and I am going to do a triathlon!!!

So I woke up…

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Confession Friday- I’ve Got Some Goodies


Run Mommy Run

Image“Running is one of the best solutions to clear the mind.”


CONFESSION FRIDAY!!!!!  What have you got to confess?????


     After traveling hundreds and even thousands of miles, I finally decided to write to Runner’s World today…I guess you can call it courage.  Why would I do such a thing?  Everyone has a story worth sharing and I want to share mine.  I doubt they will pick me but I decided life is too short to not take chances.  I will never know if I do not try and I can always try again.  I think running has changed my life and I have become a better person for it.

ImageIt feels strange to be home right now.  I feel like I should be driving somewhere because it is Friday and I am not really sure if I will be doing the duathlon tomorrow.  I guess it depends…

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“America- The Beautiful”…Throwback Thursday Half Marathons


This country will not be a good place for any of us to live in unless we make it a good place for all of us to live in. ~Theodore Roosevelt

If our country is worth dying for in time of war let us resolve that it is truly worth living for in time of peace. ~Hamilton Fish

Image South Kingstown, Rhode Island

“The Ocean’s Run Half Marathon”

Image Chambersburg, PA

“Chambersburg Half Marathon”

Image Sleepy Hollow, NY

“Sleepy Hollow Half Marathon”

Image Cornell University, Ithaca, NY

“Ithaca Skunk Cabbage Classic Half Marathon and 10k”

Image Inner Harbor- Syracuse, NY

“Syracuse Half Marathon”

Image Greencastle, PA

“Flannery’s Pub Run Half Marathon”

Image Delaware Canal, PA

Buck’s County Challenge “Delaware Canal Half Marathon and Marathon”


Brunswick, Maine

“Race The Runways- Half Marathon, 5k and 1 mile” 



ImageImageImage Rehoboth Beach, Delaware

“Rehoboth Seashore Half Marathon and Marathon”

ImageImageWaitsfield, Vermont

“Mad Half Marathon and Marathon”

ImageImageDeRuyter, NY

“Tromptown Half Marathon and 5k”

Image Utica, NY   Erie Canal

Distance Half Of Fame Half Marathon

ImageImageImage  Gettysburg, PA

“Gettysburg Blue Gray Half Marathon”

“Gettysburg North South Marathon”

ImageImageImage Franklin Park Zoo- Boston Massachusetts

“B.A.A. Half Marathon and Distance Medley Series” …yes!!!  You run through the zoo

ImageImage Freeport, Maine

“Freeport Maine Half Marathon”

ImageRockford Park- Wilmington, Delaware

“Run For The Buds Half Marathon”

ImageImageImage Lake Placid, NY

“Lake Placid Half Marathon, Marathon, and Ironman”

ImageImageImage Schroon Lake

“Schroon Lake Half Marathon and Marathon”

ImageImageJamesville Beach, Jamesville, NY

Syracuse Ironman 70.3 Half Marathon Relay Leg

ImageImageImageImageFinger Lakes National Forest- Hector, NY

Finger Lakes Fifties 25k and 50k (I did not count this as a half marathon but this was an awesome Trail run that was longer than a half”


There are just a few of the places I have been throughout my travels running…I hope you like them and consider these races too!!!!!




The Road Unknown


Run Mommy Run

We can’t be afraid of change. You may feel very secure in the pond that you are in, but if you never venture out of it, you will never know that there is such a thing as an ocean, a sea. Holding onto something that is good for you now, may be the very reason why you don’t have something better.
C. JoyBell C.


Today I took the day off from my love of running.  I went out to breakfast in Annapolis and soaked up the morning sun.  I had a great time with my little cousin and her boyfriend!  I had French toast with crusted pecans and it was wonderful.  Then, my cousin and I said good bye to Maryland and ventured to Delaware. Her parents (my auntie and uncle) live there.  We had a nice dinner with plenty of food.  I was thankful to have Easter with…

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Confessions of a Strava – Holic


Run Mommy Run

“My first time riding a bike, I rode right into a pool on my pink bike.” -True story

“I do believe in love at first sight..Its when you get this fluttering feeling from deep down inside…Its when all you do is think about that special program and all you do is smile…Love at first sight is really true in this world…you just have to find the perfect gps program.”

After dealing with garmin connect and map my run for ages, Strava is my love at first sight. I do not think I could ask for a better program! Today has been a great day despite all odds at hand.

Here is my strava romance for today:
It was noon and the sun was out. The temperature read 82 degrees and Lilly was at the zoo for a birthday party. The felt called and wanted me to ride into the sun…

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Confession Friday- Lost On The Map


Run Mommy Run

“Love isn’t something you find. Love is something that finds you.”

Loretta Young


I feel like I have been lost this week. I have been out of work for four days. I took Lilly to Pratt’s Falls yesterday and sat on the bench while she played. I felt bad because I guess I did not realize there is no playground but we had fun.
She thought she was fishing and I did not have the heart to spoil her make believe adventure. I was even astonished when she thought she had caught a fish. It turns out there was a dead fish in the water. I said, “good job! Please do not pick it up!”

I have been thinking a lot about the marathon this week since I have had some health issues. I want to run Boston, but if I never do, at least I cannot say I didn’t…

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