A Tale of Two Races


Run Mommy Run

“When you have any measure of doubt you have already failed before you have started.” -me

ImageToday was supposed to be my big transition to duathlon races solo.  I have done relays but I want to do solo events.  Today was the Rochester Duathlon and I not only overslept, but I just had doubt.  The idea of being tired and driving two hours and having a 20 mile bike ride with traffic not closed!!!! I was scared.  I do not shift well and my bike sucks!  I feel slow and I need to get better and know my bike before I get all duathlon crazy.  Truth? I would like to do a half ironman but I need to conquer the bike and the scary swim.  My friend Kim is going to throw me into the water this summer and I am going to do a triathlon!!!

So I woke up…

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