Race Schedule Confusion- It Is Bound To Happen


“I have never been lost, but I will admit to being confused for several weeks.” – Daniel Boone.

ImageSt. Michael’s, Maryland

Image Sorry Britain, but you cannot have this town. 


My next adventure will take me to St. Michael’s Maryland.  I wish it were here this weekend because the weather here sucks.  I confess it feels weird to actually  be home this weekend.  I do not know what fun I will have and I hope I relax a little.

I looked up the history of the town because I know nothing about most of the places I go.

St. Michaels is the center of a unique and magical waterworld on Maryland’s fabled Eastern Shore, about halfway between the Susquehanna source and the Atlantic mouth of the Chesapeake Bay. This diminutive well-preserved vintage port, whose origins date from the birth of the colonies, is nestled between the loping Miles River on the north and the vast vistas of Michener’s Broad Creek to the south. Its influence radiates beyond Tilghman Island, Easton and Oxford to Washington, Baltimore, Wilmington and other points on the compass where our seafood trucks deliver the Chesapeake’s bounty on a daily basis and the word spreads about this magnificent region. 

The town is a collage of handsome churches, manicured colonial, federal and Victorian homes, historic heritage, diverse artistic talents and pleasant southern culture. It is also the proud cradle and repository of the Chesapeake’s maritime history. 

It is a peaceful place which wakes each morning to glorious views and closes each night in candlelit elegance. It’s a town in constant contrast, from horse-and-buggy, steamboats, watermen’s deadrises, century-old log canoes and ancient bugeyes to ATM’s, the Internet, luxury Town Cars and fancy cabin cruisers…sounds nice!

At 7:40 on Saturday, May 17, I will be running the St, Michael’s Distance Half marathon.  I think this will be a beautiful course!

ImageSet a new PR or qualify for New York and other marathons on St. Michaels FLAT and FAST CERTIFIED half marathon course. You have to experience for yourself the flattest certified half marathon in the mid-Atlantic region. With an elevation that averages between 8 and 10 feet (with its’ highest peak at 16 feet) and only a few turns to negotiate, you are certain to enjoy the scenic views and serene setting while cruising along our course.

It even says it is fast!!!!!!!!!!!  I have missed flat courses, though I confess I am a hill lover!


So what is next in all of this confusion…I completely forgot, May 18, 2014 I will be running the Marine Corps Historic Half Marathon in Fredricksburg, Virginia!!!!!!!!!

Anyhow….I will continue this thought later but I am soooo confused as to what is where when…I have race confusion!!!!






5 thoughts on “Race Schedule Confusion- It Is Bound To Happen

  1. Is this the race that runs through Ashland? I actually considered (and am possibly still considering) running it pending my knee is okay for my race this week! Anything flat and fast is right up my alley!

  2. I live in the flattest part of the planet (Ridgeway, Ontario, Canada) so hills are definitely not my friend, however, I am making that a renewed focus for improvement with my own running training this summer. Of course, this means dragging a stupid tire behind me to simulate that effect along otherwise flat country roads, but a chubby runners gotta do what chubby runners gotta do.

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