A Moment of Thought


“Dream as if you could do anything!”

ice cream

I am not sure what to write this week.  I did a little jogging and I went to see my family in Northern Maine…what a tiring drive.

It was a little sad to hear that Robin Williams died.  I remember how funny and smart he was.  I think it scares me a little that someone can be so talented and have so much to offer, but cannot go on living.  He also left behind a wife and some children.  It just goes to show you that depression is serious and it can happen to ANYONE!!!!!

I think we look up at these actors and professionals as if they are somehow super human.  I am sure at times it appears that way…but we are all just people, living out our lives and hoping to be happy.  It is clear that he was pretty good at acting out the life of someone happy,….but maybe he wasn’t hiding it.  Who knows?

The truth is that depression can be all around us…I guess my goal is to “make someone’s day.”  I think it is the small things in life that can really help.  I am sure we are all in a hurry and there is not much time…but saying, “hello,”  can really make a difference.  If you have some extra cash maybe surprise a friend with a cup of coffee or treat.  It is something special and simple that can really go a long long way. 

I know everyone is going crazy about the ice bucket challenge.  I found a game called, “pay it forward.”  You have it on facebook and the first (you can pick how many people you want) people who respond you send them a message and get their contact information.  Then you send them a surprise.  I am not sharing what I did because it truly felt special.  I was excited to pick people I didn’t know as well and I was glad to make them smile.  I can’t help but feel happy knowing that I made someone smile.  I know that might not mean a lot, but it does to me.  If everyone said hi to someone or did something special, imagine the impact on the world? 

I urge you to turn off the television, put down that computer, and think of something you can do to make a difference. 

It doesn’t mean spending money either.

Why am I going on about all of this? I was there.  I know I live in NY and it is crappy most of the year and I hate winter.  I hate running outside when the temperature is below freezing!  I went through a horrible marriage and divorce…it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to realize I was depressed.  What was the hardest part about being depressed was feeling pretty alone when I went through it….but guess what????  I made it.  You know what helped?  I met people who were so amazing and they made me feel like I had worth…that I was not a bad person for getting out of my marriage…that I did not need to be in a relationship with someone who treated me like I was not a person.  I met these amazing people who took the time to get to know me and were my friends.  This idea of blogging has been a wonderful experience.  When you are down in the dumps you realize that there are people out there who will listen to you and they can help.  I want you to know that I am so happy now and I owe most of my happiness to Lilly being such a wonderful daughter, but I also owe it to my listeners and my friends.  Thank you and I want you to know I am here to listen too….Everyone is so special and you should never get to that stage where you consider ending your future.  I think I feel the most regret over not leaving my marriage sooner because I stopped feeling that way as soon as I left.  No one and nothing should ever ever make you that depressed!!!!!!!!

I simply end today with…Be Well and Smile!!!!!!



4 thoughts on “A Moment of Thought

  1. Instead of writing a book in your comments, I’ll just say this: Sister, I’m glad you are in my virtual world and I could wish to meet you some day in meat space. I could tell you a thousand stories why it’s worth it pushing through depression because they are my own stories. Keep telling us yours. I’m impressed.

    • thanks ED…well I hope people listen because it is the stuff we go through that makes us stronger…but there is nothing worth giving up!!!! I am glad I have a daughter now…she makes me feel so happy and I am proud…it is hard to think sometimes that she would not be here if I had continued to have those thoughts…that is why she is my little gift…and I just feel bad for people who are so depressed…I wish I could help them….depression sucks…but you just have to keep on pushing…..

  2. You’re an amazing and very talented woman!! I’m so happy you’re doing things that make you happy and living a great life!! XOXO!! Miss you!! Hope we can catch up sometime!! I’m back to my normal schedule, so having more time to chat!! XOXO!!

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