Augusta Half Marathon- February 22 #60


“Beauty begins the moment you imageimageimageimageDecide to be yourself.” Coco Chanel

I had a blast!!!!!  I left on Wednesday for Georgia and stopped for dinner and a run along the way in Annapolis.  It was cold, but it was a lot warmer than upstate New York.  I had a 14 hour drive to get to Augusta, but it was worth every second.  I felt like I was driving through the four seasons and the snow finally disappeared in the Carolinas.  It wasn’t a heat wave, but I will take it!!!!!

I arrived late and had some bugles for dinner ha ha.  When I got up the next day, I met Gigi, my friend’s daughter.We went for a long run along the Savanna Rapids.  It was so nice and it reminded me a lot of the Erie Canal.

I broke my phone in South Carolina when I went for a run so I had to get a new phone.  I went to a place called “The Whiskey Bar,” which is in Augusta.  It was amazing.  I at teriayki chicken and sweet potato fries.  I loved it and would totally go back.

I went to packet pick up with Gigi and we bought some shirts that said “Don’t Stop Running.”  I love the singlet and wore it on a run while I was down there.  We had a great time at packet pick up and bought some socks and energy gels.

After Starbucks, I went to Gigi’s house for dinner and had pizza.  I could eat pizza every day.  I had to go back to Lisa’s house for the night.  Lisa was super nice and is a friend of Judy’s.  I felt like I made some new friends during this trip and they all run!!!!!!  Bonus!

Lisa has a couple of old cats and I became really fond of Simon.  He was so cute.  I wish my cats acted like Simon.  Lisa has a beautiful house with a pond.  I wish I lived in Georgia.  I am sure it gets really hot in the summer but I loved the winter!!!!!

We ran the Sports 5k and I wore my Y runner singlet and a Syracuse hair tie so I would not be beat up by anyone from Clemson. There were a bunch of runners and a guy named Kenny Bobby.  He was dressed in a wonder bread suit and was hillarious.  I lost a few minutes on my time because I ran with him to the trash can in first place.  I led the race for over a mile out of everyone and I felt really awkward.  The volunteers had a blast with it…ha ha but then a couple of guys went by me.  I aint gonna lie, I wanted to beat the boys.  I beat most of them and all of the girls.  My time was 23:30.  I will take it…though I can do better.  I wore new shoes and had a half marathon the next day so I saved some energy!!!!!

The half was a great time but I wore new shoes and compression sleeves.  I had to stop after two miles to take them off and throw them.  I lost some time and finished in 1:50…I think I could have gone under 1:45 if I had been smarter about the sleeves and shoe choice.  You would think after 59 half marathons I would have been smarter for this one…maybe a little too much sun?

I drove home after and had a long drive!!!!!  I found that a lot of places were closed on Sunday!!!!!  No fun!  I was glad to find a Starbuck!


Calendar of Races:

March 7- Palooza 5k Salisbury Massachusetts

March 8- The Ocean’s Run Half Marathon- South Kingstown, Rhode Island

March 22- Syracuse Half Marathon, NY

April 3- Airport Challenge

1 Mile run/ Beast Pacing 2:15 pacer for Half Marathon- Race the Runways, Brunswick Maine


April 18- B.A.A. 5k

April 19- Earth Day Half Marathon- Baldwinsville, NY

May 3- Providence, Rhode Island Full Marathon

May 16- St. Michael’s Maryland Running Festival- Half Marathon

May 17- Marine Corps Historic Half Marathon- Fredricksburg, Virginia

May 30- Run For the Dream 8k Williamsburg, Virginia

May 31- Run For the Dream Half Marathon Patriot’s Challenge

June 14?

June 28- Half Marathon Bristol, Rhode Island

July 11- Shipyard Old Port Half Marathon- Portland, Maine

July 12? Boilermaker

July 25-26?

August 8-9

August 23- North Shore Half Marathon in Massachusetts- Beast Pacing Pacer 2:00 group

August 31- 18:12 challenge in Sacketts Harbor, NY

September 6

September 12- Bird In Hand Half Marathon- Pennsylvania

September 19- Gulf Beach Half Marathon, Connecticut

September 20- Rochester Half Marathon?

October 4?

October 18- Bay State Marathon, Massachusetts!!!!!!!


December 15- Kiawah Full Marathon- South Carolina



10 thoughts on “Augusta Half Marathon- February 22 #60

  1. Starbucks!!! Ahhhh, we love Starbucks!! Great job on running!! You’re so courageous and amazing!! You inspire me very much!! We need to talk again, like soon because I miss you!! 🙂

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