Half Marathon number 67- Winter Warrior


photo (3)Sometimes you get up and sometimes you fall down.
I was all set to run the Winter Warrior Half Marathon in Rochester, NY on January 9th! I was not excited because I confess I have not been doing long runs past 10 miles. Ever since my hip injury in May, long runs scare me.

I did not think I would be able to run for a while and I can now run. It feels great, even if it makes me sore and my back hurts. So I had mixed feelings about the race. Last year, I ran the same race and it was -9 degrees. I am not sure what the wind chill was that day, but it was rough. I thought if I had to stop I would freeze to death. I think this was a good concept because I tend to have doubt and want to walk. Walking feels good sometimes.

So the race started at four in the afternoon. It was at the Rochester Tech Park. I admit that I took a wrong turn and thought I might not make it to the race. However, I was only away by 5 minutes and I managed to find my way. I saw some big, white tents and knew this was my place.

The race started and people looked at me like I might win. Ha ha ha ha !!!!! I wanted to laugh. Once upon a time, I had a chance at it. My best finish was third place overall at the Run to the Sun Half Marathon in Watertown. That was not my pr, but it felt good to come in third!!!!! I had the lead until mile ten and I wish I had pushed myself more.

Sometimes I think we are not sure what we are capable of until we push ourselves to the limit. I deserved third because I lacked the confidence to believe I could win.

People were asking me what my pace was going to be…actually, the winner of the race asked me. My pace is whatever makes me smile. This is my new outlook on running. I confess it was fun when I was running because the more I enjoyed it, the faster it seemed. I wore headphones, but I didn’t really care about anything except my breathing and my quads. My quads always seem so sore.

I reached mile 7 and felt like I had been hit by a bus. My first mile was a 7:28 and my second was a 7:48. I had a really nice 5k. I always go out too fast. I slowed it down for a mile at 7 and then found my energy by mile 10. This was my final lap on a four lap course. I was pretty excited. I was running fast and I knew I only had two and a half miles to go. It was dark out and there were a couple of guys with headlamps. I don’t know how, but for some reason I looked ahead at the downhill and managed to hit the pothole just right. I went flying and managed to mess myself up pretty good. My 1:46 finish became impossible.

I laid on the ground for a little while and the two guys asked if I was alright. Then a girl was walking and saw me shivering. She walked with me and lent me her jacket. She was a lifesaver!!!!!! Thank goodness for decent runners!!!!! Robyn Putney walked with me and I think that is the only reason I finished. I ended up finishing with a time of 2:16. I am thankful I finished because a few other people fell. It was dark, but the potholes were pretty bad. I love this race and finished third in my age group last year. However, I am too afraid to run this race again. I think I am done with the Winter Warrior. I hope people continue to enjoy it.

I am alright, but really sore. I ran yesterday, but I think it will be a few days before I feel like “myself” again!!!!!

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