Philadelphia Rock n Roll Half Marathon #66



“Sometimes we can’t stop ourselves from falling, but we push ourselves to get up and try again.”

I wasn’t planning on running the Philadelphia Rock n Roll half marathon.  However, Andrew wanted to run it because it was fast and he wanted to qualify for Olympic Trials.  I am proud of him for not running.  He is dealing with an injury and I am amazed at how committed he is to improving and running healthy again…unlike someone I know (twittling fingers).

So I had signed up way back.  I still wanted to run, but only if it didn’t bother Andrew to be there and not run.  I had a blast and it was definitely a fast course.  This is the biggest half marathon I have ever done!  I don’t know how many people ended up finishing, but it was somewhere around 14,000 people…YIKES!!!!!!!!!  Anyhow, my time was great and I was so dehydrated I ran the second and third miles under 7 minutes.  This is not a good thing for me ha ha …I was exhausted after that and wanted to die at the end of the race.

Lucky for me, I have the best race fan!!!!  Andrew was at mile three, four, and the very end.  I think he is the reason why my half times have been better this year.  It is better when you have amazing support.  I have been back in the 1:40s for my races 🙂  !!!!!

After finishing the race, we went to the Liberty Bell, which I had never seen.  We saw the Liberty Bell, but I finally was able to try the infamous Philly Cheese STEAK!!!!!!  It was so good.  I am craving one now, but I am forced to eat tootsie rolls at work because I  didn’t bring my lunch!

So what is next?  I don’t really know.  I am just enjoying my running.  Oiselle is doing a challenge for Thanksgiving called, “Chase the Bird.”  You have to do at least 15 minutes of exercise a day.  It is easy so I am trying to be consistent with my running and just enjoy it!  It is working too.  I am logging more hours of running and I have seen some nice animals on the canal this week.  I stopped and took a picture of a heron yesterday.  It didn’t come out that great so I am not even sharing it.

My next race is a 5k in Seneca Falls.   The race is called: “It’s a Wonder I am a regional leader for Oiselle so I am doing  a bird meet up.  My friend, Victoria will be there as well.  Go birds.  I also think I talked Jen Brady into coming from Buffalo.  She is a nice bird.  I met her at the Wineglass Half marathon, where she ran the marathon in 3:07!  She is amazing!!!!!  She has two little girls too.

The next half I am officially signed up for is “The Maine Coast Half Marathon.”  It is in May.  I think it will be a great race.  I am tempted to do the Winter Warrior Half Marathon in January, depending on the weather.  I did it last year and Liked it.  It was the first year and they had nice medals and a great little course.

What races are you signed up for and what are your goals leading up to the holidays?



The Wicked Half Marathon- Salem, Massachusetts! (half 52/20 this year)


“Live the Life of Your Dreams.”


Ever since finishing my 50th half marathon on August 9, 2014, I have been depressed because I have not really been able to run.  Sure, I did a few 5ks and a 10k and did really well…but anyone who knows me, knows that my heart belongs to the half marathon.  There is just something that makes me feel so good when it comes to the half.

So I decided I was going to see how the knee is today.  I have a lateral meniscus tear and a bruised tibia…I have been going to physical therapy since July and I have not been running much.  I had my knee taped and I was hoping it would not be so bad.  my poor knee

Why today?

I do not have Lilly this weekend and I had signed up for the Wicked Half Marathon a long time ago.  I know my race season is inevitably coming to a close.  I was told I should not race, but that I could…so I chose to try it out.  How am I ever going to know if I can run again if I do not get a chance to try?

The Wicked Half Marathon was amazing!!!!  It starts by the Dead Horse Beach, in Salem.  Then, you run to Marblehead, which had amazing houses.  I was able to run on a bridge over the ocean.  I know people think I am crazy to make the drive but there is nothing that beats the feeling when you are running, knowing you are next to an ocean!!!!  I loved the course and the hills were rolling hills.  I am normally a hills kind of gal, but with my knee I was thankful of the rolling hills!


The downfall of this race was about mile six.  My knee buckled a few times and then it seems really sore.  I saw my friend Andrea, so I decided to say hello at mile ten.  I ended up walking a little here and there.  I know I finished mile ten in 1:26…which is slow for me but I don’t want surgery so I am taking it easy.  After talking with Andrea, I had to finish up my last part of the race and my knee was just awful.

Unfortunately, this was far from one of my better finishes…I am just glad I was able to finish under two hours and drive home. I know I should not be racing but I have too much free time and running is my favorite thing.  When I bike, I am most often alone and I get bored.  I love biking too though!  I am just not good at it and I know I am no longer good at running, but I know I can get it back….


So I thought I would share with you some of the pictures I took in Salem:

The House Of Seven Gables:


The Maritime museum:


The Dead Horse Beach:


However, I thought I would share something different tonight.  Whenever I run, I always have something on my mind besides the music.  Well, here is the list of what went through my mind…you will like this because it is completely random and I am curious to know if other people think similar things.

1.  (knowing that the finisher medal was a bat) I contemplated calling my article, “Pain is temporary; bats are nocturnal.”

2.  (When I saw some identical twins running with the same clothes on)  I wonder if I am seeing double and there really is just one girl.

3.  Why was that beach “The Dead Horse Beach?”

4.  I wonder if my butt looks big in these shorts?

5.  Why am I the one runner in the race who wears the least amount of clothing?

6. Why do some people wear soooooo much clothing?

7.  Why do people stop during a race to talk to their boyfriends or text on the phone?

8.   I want to slow dance…

9…..the worst…I always get stuck behind someone who toots!!!!  All I can think is, “I hope they know it isn’t me!!!!”

I am sure there were more….

On a final note, I am hoping that this is not my last race of the season, but it was a great event and I would totally recommend this!!!!!