Philadelphia Rock n Roll Half Marathon #66



“Sometimes we can’t stop ourselves from falling, but we push ourselves to get up and try again.”

I wasn’t planning on running the Philadelphia Rock n Roll half marathon.  However, Andrew wanted to run it because it was fast and he wanted to qualify for Olympic Trials.  I am proud of him for not running.  He is dealing with an injury and I am amazed at how committed he is to improving and running healthy again…unlike someone I know (twittling fingers).

So I had signed up way back.  I still wanted to run, but only if it didn’t bother Andrew to be there and not run.  I had a blast and it was definitely a fast course.  This is the biggest half marathon I have ever done!  I don’t know how many people ended up finishing, but it was somewhere around 14,000 people…YIKES!!!!!!!!!  Anyhow, my time was great and I was so dehydrated I ran the second and third miles under 7 minutes.  This is not a good thing for me ha ha …I was exhausted after that and wanted to die at the end of the race.

Lucky for me, I have the best race fan!!!!  Andrew was at mile three, four, and the very end.  I think he is the reason why my half times have been better this year.  It is better when you have amazing support.  I have been back in the 1:40s for my races 🙂  !!!!!

After finishing the race, we went to the Liberty Bell, which I had never seen.  We saw the Liberty Bell, but I finally was able to try the infamous Philly Cheese STEAK!!!!!!  It was so good.  I am craving one now, but I am forced to eat tootsie rolls at work because I  didn’t bring my lunch!

So what is next?  I don’t really know.  I am just enjoying my running.  Oiselle is doing a challenge for Thanksgiving called, “Chase the Bird.”  You have to do at least 15 minutes of exercise a day.  It is easy so I am trying to be consistent with my running and just enjoy it!  It is working too.  I am logging more hours of running and I have seen some nice animals on the canal this week.  I stopped and took a picture of a heron yesterday.  It didn’t come out that great so I am not even sharing it.

My next race is a 5k in Seneca Falls.   The race is called: “It’s a Wonder I am a regional leader for Oiselle so I am doing  a bird meet up.  My friend, Victoria will be there as well.  Go birds.  I also think I talked Jen Brady into coming from Buffalo.  She is a nice bird.  I met her at the Wineglass Half marathon, where she ran the marathon in 3:07!  She is amazing!!!!!  She has two little girls too.

The next half I am officially signed up for is “The Maine Coast Half Marathon.”  It is in May.  I think it will be a great race.  I am tempted to do the Winter Warrior Half Marathon in January, depending on the weather.  I did it last year and Liked it.  It was the first year and they had nice medals and a great little course.

What races are you signed up for and what are your goals leading up to the holidays?